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For the Sake of the Gospel, Volume 2

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ID: 25205 • October 1, 2007

Are you passionate about sharing the Gospel? How willing are you to sacrifice and take risks so that unbelievers may become followers of Jesus and believers may become better equipped to share the good news of salvation? As we consider these questions, we are helped by the example of the apostle Paul, who heroically pursued God’s call through all manner of difficulty and throughout the Mediterranean world—all so that others may come to know Christ as Lord.

In volume two of this series, we learn that nothing would stop Paul from preaching and teaching about Jesus—not a trial before royalty, a storm at sea, a shipwreck, a poisonous snake bite, chains, or even prolonged wrongful imprisonment. Paul was zealous to make all his days and deeds count for the Gospel. As Alistair Begg explains, his dramatic journey to Rome illustrates God’s faithfulness and encourages us to see our circumstances as opportunities to share the good news.

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Ready with an Answer

Acts 25:1–27 Sermon 47:46 ID: 2474

Paul Tells His Story

Acts 26:1–32 Sermon 39:21 ID: 2476

A Man with a Mission

Acts 26:16–18 Sermon 51:07 ID: 2479

Paul the Preacher

Acts 26:19–32 Sermon 44:09 ID: 2481

“He Plants His Footsteps in the Sea…”

Acts 27:1–26 Sermon 47:32 ID: 2487

“… and Rides upon the Storm”

Acts 27:27–44 Sermon 38:35 ID: 2490

The Bonfire on the Beach

Acts 28:1–16 Sermon 42:25 ID: 2492

The Last Lap

Acts 28:7–16 Sermon 47:49 ID: 2494

Paul Makes the Most of It

Acts 28:16–22 Sermon 41:17 ID: 2496

“On a Certain Day…”

Acts 28:23–28 Sermon 41:43 ID: 2497

The End of the Beginning

Acts 28:30–31 Sermon 42:51 ID: 2499