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A Study in Colossians, Volume 5

Godly Dependence

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ID: 15105 • October 5, 2015

Without a solid foundation, no building will stand. The same is true of the Christian life. All of the progress we make in our walk with God must rest on what is foundational: the person and work of Jesus Christ. Through our union with Christ we are made alive to God, freed from slavery to sin and worldliness, and empowered to live according to the pattern God has established for us.

In the last volume of this series on Colossians, Alistair Begg examines Paul’s final commands and greetings. These words reveal a man who depended on God and others as he faced the challenges in front of him. As we seek to tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we, too, need to turn to God in devoted prayer and—in spite of a culture that celebrates independence—learn to lean on the fellow believers God has put around us to build us up and to share in the work of ministry.

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