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A Study in Colossians, Volume 3

The Normal Christian Life

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ID: 15103 • October 4, 2015

Without a solid foundation, no building will stand. The same is true of the Christian life. All of the progress we make in our walk with God must rest on what is foundational: the person and work of Jesus Christ. Through our union with Christ we are made alive to God, freed from slavery to sin and worldliness, and empowered to live according to the pattern God has established for us.

After establishing the foundation of the Christian life for the Colossian believers, the apostle Paul began to detail the kinds of behaviors that characterize people united to Christ. In volume three of this series on Colossians, Alistair Begg examines the challenges of sin and Paul’s call for us live holy lives. Our relationship with sin is one of warfare. It is no easy task—yet we may find the resources for it in our union with Christ and so walk in virtue and in peace with one another.

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