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Essential Christianity, Part 2

Essential Christianity, Part 2

What does it mean to truly bless our enemies? When the Bible talks about "heaping burning coals" on their head by our gentle turning away of their wrath, what is it talking about? These verses in the Bible truly challenge the veracity of what we believe, and how willing we are to follow the commands of Christ.

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Shaped by Grace

The transforming work of the Gospel shapes our hearts and minds. When applied to both the mundane and profound details of our lives, it should cause us to be different from unbelievers around us. But what does this look like practically? How do these distinctions show themselves each day in our families, work, and local churches?
Alistair Begg paints the picture of a grace-shaped life in his study from Romans 12. Through Paul’s letter to the first-century church, we see practical actions and attributes that should mark the life of every Christian, no matter the circumstance.