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The Present Kingdom, Part One

We become part of God’s family by grace, through faith. Jesus died to bear the punishment our sins deserve and He gathers all believers into His kingdom, not because of who we are, or what we have done, but because of who Jesus is and what Jesus has done. Alistair points to the New Testament fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and the grace-filled work of Christ.


Matthew - John
id: 2392

Series: The Kingdom of God, Volume 2

She Will Bear a Son

In this Christmas Eve sermon we pause to reflect on the real reason for the season - the Lord Jesus Christ. Who is this Child... and why has He appeared?


Matthew 1:18-25
id: 2853

Learning From the Wise Men

Traditions can be great to have in your family Christmas celebrations, but sometimes traditions can hide the true story. Alistair takes us back to the Christmas narrative to tell us about the truth behind the Three Wise Men. Through their investigation, adoration and presentation, we receive a biblical challenge of faith and trust today.


Matthew 2:1-11
id: 1164

Life at the Crossroads

To follow Christ, we must enter through the narrow gate. In this Gospel-rich message, Alistair Begg shows us that to enter through that gate we must rid ourselves of sin. We accomplish this by believing in Jesus as our Savior. Christ stands at the crossroads, and we must choose to follow Him to life or choose the broad gate that leads to death.


Matthew 7:13-14
id: 1250

The House That Rock Built

The most important feature in any house is not an updated kitchen, a spacious backyard, or even the quality of the roof. It’s the foundation… the unassuming bedrock upon which the entire structure rests. Alistair Begg turns to a construction illustration that Jesus used in Matthew 7. It’s about two builders… and two very different foundations. Their story provides insight into your own foundations. Are you building a spiritual life that will last?


Matthew 7:24-29
id: 1855

Seeing, Caring, Thinking, Praying

It's easy for local congregations to become comfortable and allow our outreach to neighbors and friends to wane, but our Lord demonstrated a pattern of passionate commitment to spread the good news of the kingdom of God. In this message, Alistair Begg explains what it means to take our responsibility to share the Gospel seriously. Jesus’ priorities are reflected in our lives when we see those around us clearly, care deeply, think properly, and pray fervently.


Matthew 9:35-38
id: 3006

Series: Encore 2015

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