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A Study in 1 Timothy, Volume 1

God’s Household of Faith

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ID: 15401 • September 1, 2004

The apostle Paul was passionate about the local church. In his first letter to Timothy, he reminded his younger protégé of the conduct that is becoming of God’s household of faith and of the Gospel foundation on which all such conduct should be established. Facing false teachers who threatened to steer believers to a counterfeit Christianity, he charged Timothy to faithfully execute his ministry by teaching the truth that he had learned and understood.

In volume one of this series, Alistair Begg examines the warnings and admonitions that Paul gave Timothy to equip him to lead the believers under his charge. Paul’s great concern was that there would be good conduct flowing from right belief. As the apostle laid out a vision of godly behavior, he pointed again and again to Gospel truth, of which the church is “the pillar and foundation.” The top priority for any minister, as for Timothy, is to teach these things faithfully.

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Pastoral Priorities in Dealing With False Teaching

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