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A Study in 1 Timothy, Volume 2

Godliness and the Good Fight

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ID: 15402 • May 1, 2009

The apostle Paul was passionate about the local church. In his first letter to Timothy, he reminded his younger protégé of the conduct that is becoming of God’s household of faith and of the Gospel foundation on which all such conduct should be established. Facing false teachers who threatened to steer believers to a counterfeit Christianity, he charged Timothy to faithfully execute his ministry by teaching the truth that he had learned and understood.

In volume two of this series, Alistair Begg examines how Timothy was to fulfill his charge to teach Gospel truth and godly conduct to his congregation. He was to show honor to whom it was due, even as he rebuked worldliness and greed to keep the church from falling into disrepute. Also, when false doctrine challenged the truth and impeded good conduct, Timothy was to persist in making the good confession and pursuing righteousness in the church and in himself, to God’s glory.

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