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ID: 15102 • October 4, 2015

The challenge for today’s churches to remain rooted in the truth of the Gospel is not new. In fact, the church in Colossae during the days of the Apostle Paul was influenced by many worldly falsehoods, including superstition, mythology and even simple error in doctrinal translation. In his letter to the Colossians, Paul imposes two key messages which are as applicable today as they were then. First, he re-confirms that all things were created and hold together through Jesus Christ and that we must walk with Him and hold steadfast to our faith in His saving power. Paul then provides practical application for Christian living which we can still look to as a continual source of direction and guidance.

Join Alistair Begg as he unpacks the lessons of Colossians and examines how we can live a life worthy of the Lord.

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