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‘The Basics of the Christian Faith’ Bundle

‘The Basics of the Christian Faith’ Bundle

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The Basics of the Christian Faith is a thirteen-lesson course designed for a leader to guide someone new to Christianity or interested in exploring Christianity through the fundamental beliefs of the faith.

The course pairs in-person discussion and Scripture reading with independent listening to thirteen messages by Alistair Begg.

How it works:

  1. The leader and disciple meet weekly in person.
  2. During each meeting, introductory questions that precede each lesson are discussed, and a Scripture passage is read.
  3. During the week, each participant listens separately to a message accessible for free on the Truth For Life mobile app or website. Each message explains a particular core element of Christianity. While listening, both the leader and disciple answer the lesson’s related questions.
  4. After listening, the leader and disciple meet to discuss the message and what was learned. The leader responds to any outstanding questions the disciple may have.

The leader and disciple simply follow the course’s step-by-step activities and rely on Alistair’s messages to provide all of the biblical instruction. The study is perfect for one-on-one learning and will be helpful for churches to use in their discipleship efforts.

The leader guide contains prompts for initiating discussion, and answers to the questions in each lesson are provided in the back of the book.

The study guide contains plenty of room for note-taking on topics including the Trinity, the Bible, prayer, the sacraments, the church, evangelism, obedience, spiritual gifts, and more.

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