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‘Shaped By Grace’ Study Guide

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‘Shaped By Grace’ Study Guide
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In the book of Romans, the apostle Paul explains the profound transformation that takes place in the life of a person saved by the Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ.

Alistair Begg's teaching in the series titled Shaped by Grace unpacks Romans chapter 12 and explores the revolutionary impact on a believer's heart and mind when the Gospel takes hold.

The Shaped by Grace study guide is a companion to the fourteen audio messages in this series. The study guide is designed to be used in the following way:

  1. Listen to the sermons in Shaped by Grace one at a time on your own or with a group
  2. Upon the conclusion of each message, complete the section in the study guide that corresponds with the sermon. Again, this can be done on your own, or with a group.

Each section in the study guide includes:

  1. Getting Started: a brief summary statement or commentary on the sermon, followed by an introductory question
  2. Key Scriptures: important Bible verses that were referenced in the sermon and are flagged for further meditation and memorization
  3. Going Deeper: questions to help you process the main ideas of the sermon
  4. Praise and Prayer: either a poem or hymn that can be committed to memory, incorporated in worship, and used as the basis for prayer about what you have learned and considered or a prayer prompt taken from Alistair’s own prayer at the conclusion of the corresponding message

When you complete the Shaped by Grace study, you'll consider what it looks like to have a new identity in Christ and how this will cause you to be different from the world around you. You'll explore how this looks practically. And how these distinctions show themselves each day as you navigate family life, work life, and participation in your local church.

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