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Basics 2023

Faithful Servants, Foolish Message, Fearful World Selected Scriptures Series ID: 23521

A Roundtable with Alistair Begg, Colin Smith, and Hershael York

Selected Scriptures Sermon 40:12 ID: 3599

Panel Question Time (Basics 2023)

Selected Scriptures Sermon 53:01 ID: 3602

Christ-Centered Culture (Basics 2023)

Selected Scriptures Sermon 1:04:59 ID: gs1464

Serving and Leading as Elders (Basics 2023)

Selected Scriptures Sermon 1:01:49 ID: gs1462

Our Basic Conduct as a Disciple

Ephesians 5:1–21 Sermon 54:25 ID: gs1459

Pursuing Gospel Clarity

Isaiah 53:1–12 Sermon 44:59 ID: gs1458

Our Basic Conviction as a Preacher

2 Timothy 4:1–5 Sermon 43:53 ID: gs1457

Peter: The Fall and Rise of a Christian Leader

John 13:36–38 Sermon 41:13 ID: gs1455

Our Basic Calling as a Shepherd

1 Peter 5:1–40 Sermon 40:34 ID: gs1456