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A Study in 1 and 2 Samuel, Volume 8

God’s Unshakable Kingdom

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ID: 109018 • November 28, 2021

What does the history of Israel’s kings have to do with the Christian life today? You might be surprised! The Old Testament books of 1 and 2 Samuel trace the development of Israel’s monarchy from its establishment under the prophet Samuel through the reigns of the nation’s first kings, Saul and David. Yet as memorable as these stories may be, an even greater story lies at their heart: that of the true King, “great David’s greater Son,” who would one day come to establish His throne and rule in our hearts forever.

In volume eight of this series, Alistair Begg traces the effects of David’s sin as they spread like ripples throughout his kingdom, culminating in the outright rebellion of his son Absalom. While the insurrection was eventually quelled through God’s providence, this tumultuous period of King David’s reign reminds us of the frailty of all earthly kingdoms and of the surpassing worth of Christ’s kingly rule.

Sermons in this Series
Available Volumes:

“What a Tangled Web”

2 Samuel 13:1–22 Sermon Includes Transcript 44:49 ID: 3511

Amnon Is Dead and Absalom Fled

2 Samuel 13:23–39 Sermon Includes Transcript 39:56 ID: 3517

A Royal Shambles

2 Samuel 14:1–33 Sermon Includes Transcript 40:20 ID: 3518

Dark Days — Part One

2 Samuel 15:1–22 Sermon Includes Transcript 43:08 ID: 3519

Dark Days — Part Two

2 Samuel 15:23–37 Sermon Includes Transcript 26:46 ID: 3520

Living on a Prayer — Part One

2 Samuel 16:1–12 Sermon Includes Transcript 39:13 ID: 3521

Living on a Prayer — Part Two

2 Samuel 16:13–23 Sermon Includes Transcript 26:53 ID: 3522

The Divine Fulcrum

2 Samuel 17:1–14 Sermon Includes Transcript 43:27 ID: 3525

According to Plan

2 Samuel 17:15–29 Sermon Includes Transcript 36:12 ID: 3526

A Grief Observed

2 Samuel 18:1–33 Sermon Includes Transcript 45:38 ID: 3528

The Return of the King

2 Samuel 19:1–43 Sermon Includes Transcript 46:59 ID: 3529

“Your Kingdom Come” — Part One

2 Samuel 20:1–22 Sermon Includes Transcript 40:00 ID: 3530

“Your Kingdom Come” — Part Two

2 Samuel 20:23–26 Sermon Includes Transcript 25:32 ID: 3531