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A Study in 1 and 2 Samuel, Volume 3

David, a Man after God’s Heart

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ID: 109013 • December 3, 2021

What does the history of Israel’s kings have to do with the Christian life today? You might be surprised! The Old Testament books of 1 and 2 Samuel trace the development of Israel’s monarchy from its establishment under the prophet Samuel through the reigns of the nation’s first kings, Saul and David. Yet as memorable as these stories may be, an even greater story lies at their heart: that of the true King, “great David’s greater Son,” who would one day come to establish His throne and rule in our hearts forever.

In volume three of this series, Alistair Begg shifts his focus away from the deteriorating reign of King Saul and onto the dramatic rise of God’s anointed replacement, David. In his journey from shepherd boy to giant-slayer to the king’s son-in-law, David was blessed by the Lord and protected from harm, continuing to do so even when Saul himself began to seek the life of this new threat to his pride and power.

Sermons in this Series
Available Volumes:

“For Myself a King” — Part One

1 Samuel 16:1–7 Sermon Includes Transcript 37:03 ID: 3391

“For Myself a King” — Part Two

1 Samuel 16:7–13 Sermon Includes Transcript 29:27 ID: 3392

The Spirit, Descending and Departing

1 Samuel 16:13–23 Sermon Includes Transcript 44:26 ID: 3393

The One Between

1 Samuel 17:1–11 Sermon Includes Transcript 43:15 ID: 3394

“Why Have You Come Down?”

1 Samuel 17:12–30 Sermon Includes Transcript 40:39 ID: 3395

It’s Go Time!

1 Samuel 17:31–40 Sermon Includes Transcript 36:27 ID: 3396

From Victory on to Victory

1 Samuel 17:40–58 Sermon Includes Transcript 45:34 ID: 3397

“The Lord Was with Him”

1 Samuel 18:1–16 Sermon Includes Transcript 37:25 ID: 3404

“As a Man Thinketh” — Part One

1 Samuel 18:17–30 Sermon Includes Transcript 39:14 ID: 3405

“As a Man Thinketh” — Part Two

1 Samuel 18:17–30 Sermon Includes Transcript 26:02 ID: 3406

He Won’t Back Down

1 Samuel 19:1–24 Sermon Includes Transcript 43:49 ID: 3407

Steadfast Love — Part One

1 Samuel 20:1–11 Sermon Includes Transcript 40:40 ID: 3414

Steadfast Love — Part Two

1 Samuel 20:12–42 Sermon Includes Transcript 35:14 ID: 3415

Steadfast Love — Part Three

1 Samuel 20:12–42 Sermon Includes Transcript 40:23 ID: 3416