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A Study in Mark, Volume 4

The Christ and His Disciples

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ID: 14104 • July 14, 2014

Mark, the first of the Gospels to be written and the shortest, zeroes in on the proclamation of Jesus as the Christ and the importance of faith in Him. Jesus’ words and works showed Him to be the compassionate and powerful Son of God as He set Himself on a trajectory to the cross to make atonement for sin. The Gospel’s aim is to persuade everyone to repent and believe.

In volume four of this series, Alistair Begg looks at how the demands of the Gospel confronted the disciples. Even as they became convinced of Jesus’ identity as Messiah and witnessed a revelation of His glory, they still failed to grasp the full significance of who He was and what it meant for them. Turning to Jesus is not just one aspect of a full life; it means the total transformation of our lives as we submit ourselves to our Lord and follow Him in righteous suffering.

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And Now for the Rest of the Story

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Discipleship: The Conditions

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The Transfiguration — Part One

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Lessons for the Twelve

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Us and Them

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Sin Is Serious, Hell Is Real

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Salted with Fire

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