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A Study in Mark, Volume 7

The Last Days and Christ’s Return

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ID: 14107 • July 15, 2014

Mark, the first of the Gospels to be written and the shortest, zeroes in on the proclamation of Jesus as the Christ and the importance of faith in Him. Jesus’ words and works showed Him to be the compassionate and powerful Son of God as He set Himself on a trajectory to the cross to make atonement for sin. The Gospel’s aim is to persuade everyone to repent and believe.

Jesus’ predictions of the future in Mark 13 are confusing for many, and faithful scholars and theologians don’t always agree on their exact meaning. In volume seven of this series, Alistair Begg explains that with a humble assessment of ourselves and a confidence in God’s Word, we can learn from difficult texts like this one. Jesus offered these words as a help to His disciples—and they can help us too. We may not know every detail about Christ’s return, but we are still called to be prepared for it as we live in these last days.

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