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A Study in Mark, Volume 5

A Different Kind of Kingdom

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ID: 14105 • July 15, 2014

Mark, the first of the Gospels to be written and the shortest, zeroes in on the proclamation of Jesus as the Christ and the importance of faith in Him. Jesus’ words and works showed Him to be the compassionate and powerful Son of God as He set Himself on a trajectory to the cross to make atonement for sin. The Gospel’s aim is to persuade everyone to repent and believe.

In volume five of this series, Alistair Begg teaches how the values of God’s kingdom stand in contrast to the values of the world. As Jesus addresses matters of sexuality, social status, money, and power, He revealed a new way of thinking about all these things, grounded in the worship of God. We need God Himself to open our eyes to these realities so that we can understand them, even as the disciples often failed to.

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“I Want to See”

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The Coming Kingdom

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