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A Study in Mark, Volume 1

“Repent and Believe”

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ID: 14101 • November 13, 2012

Mark, the first of the Gospels to be written and the shortest, zeroes in on the proclamation of Jesus as the Christ and the importance of faith in Him. Jesus’ words and works showed Him to be the compassionate and powerful Son of God as He set Himself on a trajectory to the cross to make atonement for sin. The Gospel’s aim is to persuade everyone to repent and believe.

In volume one of this series, Alistair Begg explains that Jesus’ arrival onto the stage of human history was the key to God’s redemptive plan. The first chapters of the Gospel reveal Jesus as Israel’s Messiah proclaiming the kingdom of God, confronting the powers of darkness, compassionately preaching a message of repentance from sin, and confronting legalism. As Alistair reminds us, Jesus Himself is the one in whom we may find salvation.

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Available Volumes:

The Beginning of the Gospel

Mark 1:1–8 Sermon 39:59 ID: 2665

A Man with a Message

Mark 1:1–8 Sermon 42:18 ID: 2667

Jesus: Baptized, Tempted

Mark 1:9–13 Sermon Includes Transcript 37:54 ID: 2669

Jesus: His Message and His Mission

Mark 1:14–20 Sermon 44:45 ID: 2671

A Day in the Life of Jesus — Part One

Mark 1:21–39 Sermon 42:51 ID: 2677

A Day in the Life of Jesus — Part Two

Mark 1:21–39 Sermon 32:32 ID: 2678

Restored and Forgiven

Mark 1:40–2:12 Sermon 36:12 ID: 2679

Grace and Forgiveness

Mark 2:13–14 Sermon 41:40 ID: 2680

Supper with the Savior

Mark 2:15–17 Sermon 32:40 ID: 2681

Christ the Controversialist

Mark 2:18–22 Sermon 42:37 ID: 2684

Sabbath Controversy

Mark 2:23–3:6 Sermon 35:51 ID: 2685