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The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 1

The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 1
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Mark’s Gospel, the first to be written, emphasizes the certainty that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and the fulfillment of God’s purpose. In the pages of Mark’s account, we come to know Him as the Messiah, the Suffering Servant, the Son of God, the Risen Christ, and the Returning King. With nearly a third of the narrative dedicated to the passion and the resurrection of Jesus, the Gospel of Mark aims to persuade all who read to believe.

The first two chapters of Mark reveal Jesus as He interacted with those around Him, including His enemy, the devil. We are reminded that Christ’s arrival onto the stage of human history was a redemptive event that was ordained by God. As Alistair Begg takes us through this section of Scripture, we discover that Jesus deals with a common theme – sin. Whether we are indifferent towards sin or think that our goodness neutralizes our sin, every person must realize that we are lost apart from the forgiveness available in Christ.

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