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While the word theology may seem intimidating to some, its definition is simple: it describes no more or less than the study of God Himself. Who is God? What is He like? What are His attributes? What defines His character? In these sermons, Alistair Begg considers these questions and more as he looks to the Bible, God's own self-revelation, for the answers.
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“Truly, Truly, I Say to You…”

Twenty-Five Divine Declarations from John’s Gospel John 1:1–21:25 Series ID: 29001

Encore 2023

Series ID: 25919

The God Who Knows Me

A Study in Psalm 139 Psalm 139:1–24 Series ID: 11904

Getting the Holy Spirit in Focus

The Nature and Work of the Trinity’s Third Person Series ID: 28901

The Basics of the Christian Faith

A 13-Lesson Survey Series ID: 28701

God’s Power for Salvation

Gospel Hope for a Romans 1 World Romans 1:16–32 Series ID: 28801

A Study in Luke, Volume 14

What Now? Luke 24:1–53 Series ID: 14216

A Study in Luke, Volume 13

The Day Jesus Died Luke 22:39–23:56 Series ID: 14215

A Study in 1 and 2 Samuel, Volume 9

Epilogue 2 Samuel 21:1–24:25 Series ID: 109019

Behold Your God!

Isaiah 40:1–31 Series ID: 12340