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Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

First Peter is a handbook for Christian Living. All of the foundations necessary for building lives of spiritual maturity are contained in these chapters. Peter’s readers were geographically scattered and in the face of all kinds of challenges, they needed to be theologically grounded. Jesus had given Peter the task of feeding and strengthening the sheep. This compelling, practical, vital letter is surely part of the response to that directive. Peter is clear about his purpose: to stimulate their faith, to assure them of the reliability of God’s word, and to encourage them to stand fast in God’s grace.

Three Facts True of Every Christian

As Christians we may easily seem to blend in with the rest of the world, but what is it that sets us apart? In this sermon Alistair Begg shares three facts that are true of every Christian: we have been chosen by God, cleansed by Christ, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Appreciating these distinguishing attributes should encourage every follower of Christ to understand our ability, through the work of God, to be useful as disciples of Jesus.

1 Peter 1:1-2
id: 1454

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

A Hope that Stands the Test of Time

Wise coaches don’t take anything for granted; instead, they know that it is critical for their teams to understand the basics. Similarly, Jesus focused his attention on teaching his disciples the key themes of his ministry. In this Easter Sunday message, Alistair Begg unpacks the lesson of undeserved forgiveness and the good news of new life that Jesus drove home to the apostle Peter.

1 Peter 1:3-5
id: 2736

A Living Hope, Part Two

Many people hope for an inheritance in this life, but there is one of greater value that will never pass away. Despite the fact that those who trust in Christ have a secure inheritance, the pain and trials that we experience in this life are real. Alistair Begg explains that we should not allow trials in our life to be wasted, but Christians should endure trials with hope in God’s work of salvation.

1 Peter 1:3-9
id: 1458

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

A Living Hope, Part One

Christians have been delivered from the realm of hopelessness, but we can still become preoccupied with symptoms of despair. In this message from 1 Peter Chapter 1, Alistair Begg explains that Peter wrote to remind his readers about the assurance of the hope given to those who claim Jesus as Lord. In a time where many claim to believe in God, we are pointed to the one true God, the Father of our Savior Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 1:3-5
id: 1456

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

Concerning this Salvation ...

In order to understand how the Old and New Testaments fit together, we must become students of the Bible as a whole. By pointing us to the unifying theme of Scripture – the suffering and glory of Jesus Christ – Alistair Begg teaches why we are to obey God’s command to walk in holiness. We must prepare our minds for action and live in obedience to God which requires active, routine engagement with God’s Word.

1 Peter 1:10-16
id: 1461

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

Resident Aliens

We have all been in a situation where we do not fit in with the majority, but Peter says that for the Christian, this experience will define our lives on earth. In studying 1 Peter, Alistair Begg shows us six marks of those who are only resident aliens on earth because of a permanent citizenship in the kingdom of Heaven. As strangers in this world, we are called to live lives in obedience to the One who has secured our eternal home.

1 Peter 1:17-25
id: 1463

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

Growing Up

Just as it is right for children to grow and mature, so it is right for the children of God to grow up in salvation. In order for this growth to take place, Christians must long for spiritual milk, which is the Word of God. In this sermon, Alistair Begg teaches that there is a taste that begins growth, obstacles that stunt growth, and behaviors that accelerate the progress of Christian maturity. Having tasted that the Lord is good, we must continue to crave pure spiritual milk and avoid watered down alternatives.

1 Peter 2:1-3
id: 1464

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

Believing, Belonging, Behaving

How do our beliefs affect the way that we live? Peter tells his readers that it is vitally important for them to know what they believe and where they belong so that they might behave accordingly. In this sermon, Alistair Begg highlights the nature of a Christian’s beliefs, belonging, and behavior. Having been called out of darkness, followers of Christ are not to live in darkness any more, but are instead to declare the praises of Him who called us into the light.

1 Peter 2:1-10
id: 1453

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

The Precious Cornerstone

If we want to understand the nature and function of the Church, we must first understand who Jesus is. In this sermon, Alistair Begg shows us that we will respond to Jesus either by coming to Him or stumbling over him. When we come to Jesus, He will show us where we fit and how to function as part of the body of Christ.

1 Peter 2:4-10
id: 1466

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

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