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The Partial Kingdom - God's King

What happens when the Israelites want a king in place of God rather than a king under God? As we explore the Old Testament books of Judges through Chronicles, Alistair unpacks the disobedience, division, decline and forgetfulness of the Israelites caused by their desire for a monarch instead of God’s kingly rule – the very blessing that makes them unique.

Series: The Kingdom of God, Volume 1

Gideon, The Weakest & The Least

Hiding in fear for his life, Gideon was surprised when the angel of the Lord called him to lead a rebellion against Israel’s enemies. Alistair Begg points out that God aided this Old Testament hero, not with positive thinking, but with the promise to be with him in the fight. From Gideon’s example, we can learn that God’s most useful servants are those who admit their inadequacy and look to Him for strength.

Judges 6:1-40
id: 2405

Series: Encore 2015

Gideon: Seeing God's Strength

The story of Gideon demonstrates how God deals with His children. Because the people of Israel became self-reliant and failed to remember God’s grace towards them, they fell under the oppression of foreigners. Like Israel, God often brings us times of hardship so that we are reminded of our dependence on His strength and mercy. In the end, we are made stronger by better understanding our own weakness.

Judges 6:1-40
id: 1958

Series: More Jars Of Clay

Gideon: God's Choice

God’s selection of Gideon was not the most obvious choice, but it was the choice that would bring God the most glory. We can take great comfort in knowing that God uses weak sinners to accomplish great things, just as He did with Gideon. By using the least of men to accomplish the most for men, God’s intervention reminds us time and again that there is no place for self-boasting. God is on the throne and does all things according to His will and for His pleasure.

Judges 7:1-25
id: 1959

Series: More Jars Of Clay

Treasure in Jars of Clay

The story of how Gideon and his men conquered the Midianite army illustrates how God uses weak men to make His power known. Victory clearly came from the Lord; there was no way – humanly speaking – that Gideon’s dwindling army could have won the battle. Alistair Begg encourages us to remember that, just as the light shown from Gideon’s army’s clay jars, the glorious Gospel of Christ shines most beautifully in our weaknesses.

Judges 7:1-25
id: 1198

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