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The Good Deposit

In his last letter to his protégé, the Apostle Paul instructed Timothy to guard the "good deposit" of the Gospel message. Alistair Begg explains that the challenges and encouragements they faced are not unlike those faced by Christian leaders today. In the midst of pressure to conform to a secular culture and opposition from some who should be friends, there will also be loving support from believers who remain faithful and active in supporting Gospel ministry.


Necessary Reminders, Part Two

After exhorting Timothy to develop his God-given gifts, the Apostle Paul provided encouragement by reminding him of the divine resources available to help him in this task. In this message by Alistair Begg, we learn that all God’s servants need to rely on the Holy Spirit for the power, love, and self-control to endure daily pressures and temptations. Believers are strengthened to pursue God’s purposes as we prayerfully exhort and encourage one another.


2 Timothy 1:7
id: 3008

A Man in the Night

Nicodemus was a good, religious man, but when he came to Jesus at night, his questions showed how little he really understood about the kingdom of God. In this message from John 3, Alistair Begg reminds us that because the real darkness in every life is the darkness of sin, everyone must be radically transformed in order to enter the kingdom. An interest in religious things, even if sincere, is not enough: we must be transformed through an encounter with the living Christ.


John 3:1-15
id: 2967

Series: An Extraordinary Encounter

The Birth of Jesus Christ, Part Two

Luke wrote his gospel so that his readers would be certain about the events he described, and the historical fact of the virgin birth is no exception. In this study from Luke 2:6-7, Alistair Begg explains that the miraculous conception of the Lord Jesus is fundamental to the Christian faith. It is appropriate that God would enter His world in a supernatural way, and it is essential that the Redeemer would be born of a woman, yet perfect in holiness.


Luke 2:1-5
id: 2994

Series: Good News, Great Joy

Now to Him

When the truth of the Gospel is threatened by those who have crept into the Church, contending for the faith is essential. As Alistair Begg reminds us, though, contending for truth is only one part of the pastor's charge to care for his congregation. As we contend for the faith, we must also keep watch over ourselves and show mercy to one another, understanding that God's power preserves His people moment by moment.


Jude 1:17-24
id: 2953

Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 6

Teaching That Accords with Sound Doctrine, Part Two

In Titus 2, Paul challenges believers to live out their faith in a distinctive way to the glory of God. But how is all of this possible? Paul's answer is the grace of God, which trains us in godly living as we remember what Christ has done for us and look forward to his appearing.


Titus 2:11-14
id: 2878

Series: Get It Right, Volume 2

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Men love darkness rather than light; we need the Holy Spirit to regenerate us and reveal to us the truth of God’s word. Only the Spirit can reveal the depth of our sin and empower us to confess our sin. Only the Spirit can reveal Jesus as the remedy for our sin, and only the spirit can impart desires and longings for us to live in righteousness.


John 14:16 , John 16:14
id: 1103

Getting the Holy Spirit in Focus, Part Nine

The nature of spiritual gifts are often misunderstood, but the Bible provides some clear direction on the purpose and bestowal of these gifts that are given to build up the church. Rather than being something that we can pick and choose for ourselves, they are truly given as gifts from God.


id: 1036

Getting the Holy Spirit in Focus, Part Six

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is in total unity with the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The two great gifts, which Christ gives to His people, deal with the removal of sin and the bestowing of or the baptizing with the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Spirit is an unifying factor of all believers immediately at their conversion. To use the terminology 'baptism by the Spirit' as a post-conversion experience is not biblical theology, it actually leads to chaos and divisions. To live a Spirit-filled life is normal for the christian, it's obligatory not optional.


Getting the Holy Spirit in Focus, Part Seven

Between when we were born again and when we will see Jesus, we are to be steadfast and full of the Spirit. We learn that 'fullness' is metaphorical, therefore to be fulled with the Spirit, implies that the Spirit is the dominant influence and characteristic of our behavior. We learn the difference between habitual fullness and occasional fullness for special reasons in regard to the Holy Spirit. We also learn thatfullness of the Spirit is a Christian privilege and a Christian command.


id: 1028
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