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Costa Mesa Listener Event

A neglected essential in the realm of Christian teaching is an understanding of Christ's ascension to heaven. Hear why this is a necessary event, and the relevance that it has to us today.


Acts 1 , Luke 24:51-53
id: 2846

He Was Taken Up

The ascension of our Lord into heaven is just as vital to the core truth of the Gospel as are His sacrificial death and His resurrection. In this study, we learn how Jesus' transition from His earthly ministry to His heavenly ministry impacts the life of the believer today.


Acts 1:1-11
id: 2950

The Gospel According to Luke, Volume 11

Luke’s gospel is the longest book in the New Testament. And when you consider it along with the other book that he wrote, namely the Acts of the Apostles, Luke is responsible for over a quarter of New Testament material. Luke was one of Paul’s most significant companions and several things about him help us understand why God laid His hand upon this man. He was a Gentile, the only Gentile writer in the whole of the New Testament. He was also a doctor and an educated man. He was an historian. In fact, he was more of an historian ... More 

The Ascension of Jesus Christ

Christians rightfully pay attention to the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus, but His work was not completed until He returned to the Father in glory. It is vital for believers in Christ to understand the whole plan and purpose of God revealed in Jesus. Alistair Begg reminds us that it is because Jesus is the ascended King who intercedes for us that we have hope and security in this world and can face eternity by his grace.


Acts 1:1-11
id: 1143

The Church and Its Witness, Part One

For many, the church today is often an object of mistrust, misunderstanding, and misgiving...creating a barrier, rather than a gateway, to effective witnessing. In Part One of this three-part message, we investigate the primary motivation for outreach, and the necessary elements for effective witnessing. Regardless of occupation, ALL believers are called to make disciples for God's glory.


Acts 1:1-11
id: 1133

The Age of the Spirit

At the start of the Acts we find the church at a critical point in its history. Jesus has been with the disciples, teaching them God’s truth and preparing them for their ministry. Now he has to leave them so that the next part of the plan for God’s kingdom can happen – the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Today’s study captures the fear and excitement of experiencing God’s outworking plan.


Acts 1:6-8
id: 2734