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Preaching the Gospel from Ruth

Whether preaching from the Old Testament or an epistle or directly from a Gospel, the Scripture itself should determine the way in which a sermon unfolds. Pointing to the book of Ruth, Alistair explains the importance of immersing oneself in the details of the story; the sights, the sounds and the emotion, and warns against overlooking the pieces that hint at something more. There is, in the narrative of Ruth, a question that presses readers to make a choice about their relationship with God.


Ruth 1:1-22
id: 0159

Series: Preaching the Gospel

God of the Ordinary

The book of Ruth must surely be one of the loveliest short stories ever written. Its four chapters contain a tale of purity, faithfulness, innocence, loyalty, duty and love, yet it is set in dark times. The concluding verse of the book of Judges, which comes immediately before Ruth in the Bible, tells us that, "In those days Israel had no King; everyone did as he saw fit." One commentator says, "The book of Judges teems with violent invasions, apostate religion, unchecked lawlessness, and tribal civil war."

It is against this backdrop of strife and chaos that this story ... More 

Can This Be Naomi?

Loss, grief and loneliness can change a person. No one knew this better than Naomi. After moving to a foreign country with her family to escape a famine, she lost her husband and two sons. A pleasant woman with a full life had left Bethlehem. Now she returns as an empty, grieving widow. Even her friends and neighbors don’t recognize her. But she is not forgotten or without hope. God’s plan is just starting to unfold.


Ruth 1:1
id: 2235

Series: God of the Ordinary

God Of the Ordinary

Much of life is routine. We go to work, come home, eat, rest and start all over again the next day. At times we may struggle to find meaning in the humdrum of life. In this passage from the book of Ruth, we see how God providentially guides and provides in what may outwardly appear to be inconsequential moments. What we learn is that God does some of His most extraordinary work through the most ordinary events and people.


Ruth 1:19
id: 2237

Series: God of the Ordinary

Mercy, Blessings & Character

The believer’s entire existence is under the providential care of God, but we are still responsible for our choices and actions. Ruth applied common sense, careful thought, and sensible action while still relying on God’s grace, direction, and provision. Alistair Begg notes that even routine opportunities to provide for ourselves are ultimately God's compassionate provision.


Ruth 2:1-23
id: 0106

Series: Lessons For Life, Volume 3

Grace and Favor

When we’re facing a future devoid of prospects or possibilities, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged. Ruth could relate. She was a penniless widow in a foreign land seeking a way to provide for herself and her widowed mother-in-law. Her future was totally dependent upon someone showing her unmerited grace and favor. Instead of giving up, she gives us an example of humility, initiative and faith as she seeks work and sustenance.


Ruth 2:1
id: 2239

Series: God of the Ordinary

Favor To The Humble

Sometimes we’re called to step out in faith, not knowing the destination or the outcome. Ruth literally had to step out in faith as she went to the barley fields seeking someone in whose eyes she could find favor. As she proceeds in a seemingly random direction, God is actually ordering the events of Ruth’s life, leading her to work, food and a dramatically different future. Ruth had committed herself to the God of Israel, and she would soon discover that He was able to do immeasurably more than she could ever ask or imagine.


Ruth 2:4
id: 2241

Series: God of the Ordinary

Family Ties

“He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing” (Deut. 10:18). In God’s kindness and compassion, the Mosaic Law made provision for those who were bereft, alone and in need. While Boaz’s act of kindness toward Ruth complied with the covenant law, it was not done out of any sense of compulsion or legalism. Boaz demonstrates the character of God, as he graciously and lovingly makes a widowed foreigner part of his family. Boaz points us forward to the One Who longs for all to become members of His eternal family.


Ruth 2:14
id: 2243

Series: God of the Ordinary

In All Things God Works

When we commit our lives to God through Jesus, He promises to work all things together for good. “All things” includes poverty, grief, failure and loss. God can use even our wrong choices for our ultimate good. As Ruth comes under the protection and provision of Boaz, we get a picture of what it means for God to be our Kinsman-Redeemer.


Ruth 3:1-5
id: 2254

Series: God of the Ordinary