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A Study in Luke, Volume 8

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ID: 14208 • June 1, 2006

As the Gospel of Luke begins, its author declares his intent to compile “an orderly account” of Jesus’ life and ministry so that anyone who reads it “may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught.” When we open its pages, this is exactly what we find. Tracing Jesus’ life from His nativity and ministry to His death, resurrection, and ascension, Luke presents us with a portrait of a perfect, divine Savior in whom we can believe fully and securely.

In volume eight of this series, Alistair Begg follows Luke’s account of Christ’s continuing ministry in Galilee. Jesus performed miracles, instructed the crowds in sermons and parables, and defended the truth against the Pharisees and teachers of the law. His lessons remind us that though God owes us nothing, His invitation for salvation is open to all who are willing to forsake their pride and humbly trust and obey Him.

Sermons in this Series
Available Volumes:

No Neutral Ground — Part One

Luke 11:14 Sermon 42:06 ID: 2165

No Neutral Ground — Part Two

Luke 11:14 Sermon 26:25 ID: 2166

A Crucial Contrast

Luke 11:33 Sermon 39:19 ID: 2167

Hollow Religion

Luke 11:37 Sermon 43:05 ID: 2168

Woe to the Experts

Luke 11:45 Sermon 39:52 ID: 2169

Hypocrisy, Intimidation, and the Unforgivable Sin

Luke 12:1–2 Sermon Includes Transcript 35:52 ID: 2182

On Guard against Greed

Luke 12:13 Sermon Includes Transcript 42:44 ID: 2184

Why Worry? God’s in Charge!

Luke 12:22–34 Sermon Includes Transcript 38:04 ID: 2186

A Call to Readiness — Part One

Luke 12:35 Sermon Includes Transcript 42:48 ID: 2197

A Call to Readiness — Part Two

Luke 12:35 Sermon Includes Transcript 33:14 ID: 2198

Fire, Baptism, Division

Luke 12:49 Sermon Includes Transcript 51:44 ID: 2199

Questions for the Crowd

Luke 12:54 Sermon Includes Transcript 43:39 ID: 2201

The Nature and Necessity of Repentance

Luke 13:1 Sermon Includes Transcript 46:27 ID: 2203

Mercy and Judgment — Part One

Luke 13:6 Sermon Includes Transcript 51:58 ID: 2205

Mercy and Judgment — Part Two

Luke 13:6 Sermon Includes Transcript 41:46 ID: 2206

Kingdom Business

Luke 13:10 Sermon Includes Transcript 44:56 ID: 2207

“Will Only a Few Be Saved?”

Luke 13:22 Sermon Includes Transcript 47:17 ID: 2208

Jesus and Jerusalem

Luke 13:31 Sermon Includes Transcript 41:23 ID: 2210

Three Dinner Lessons

Luke 14:1 Sermon 53:23 ID: 2212

An Invitation to a Banquet

Luke 14:15 Sermon 41:29 ID: 2218

Counting the Cost

Luke 14:25 Sermon 40:00 ID: 2219